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John Santamaria, M.D., Pediatric Emergency

As an emergency physician and pediatrician, I see great value in daily practice of the exercises Dan is teaching. These exercises are instinctive movements we do as infants preparing to stand, walk and run. They are the foundation of our mobility. It just makes sense! Mobility Max is truly unique and I can see how it will help a lot of people.

Portrait of a Smiling Man

Dennis Plarinos, PT

As a Physical Therapist I really appreciate the thought that has gone into the creation of Mobility Max. It encourages us to get moving every day in ways that improve joint and muscle health. The Mobility Max 10-minute routine is exactly what we need to prepare and maintain our bodies for a long, active independent life.


Dr. Richard Murbach, M.D., Cardiac Surgeon

As a cardiac surgeon, I understand the importance of remaining active during our lifetimes. Sedentary lives result in poor heart health.  Mobility Max is a simple, convenient and effective way for us to practice moving our bodies every day. The result is stronger muscles and healthier hearts. And it only takes 10 minutes!

dr ron.jpg

Dr. Ron L. Knaus, D. O., FAOASM and FACN, Sports Medicine and Psychiatry

The exercise system Dan has created with Mobility Max is “just what the doctor ordered.” It is a convenient, effective and sustainable exercise solution for anyone who wants to maintain joint and muscle health. His focus is on repeating a basic set of movements every day. This means we gain strength, flexibility and balance while practicing essential mobility skills. This is truly the answer for folks who desire to remain active and independent their entire lifespan.

This is the greatest thing ever! I quit the gym and really enjoy my daily 10-minute Mobility Max routine. It really lets me know what is going on with my joints and muscles.

Marcus C.

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Tina B.

I love it! Nothing could be more convenient! It’s fun and it really makes me feel good! I feel all my muscles working. It’s movement medicine for my joints and muscles.

Man in Blue Shirt

Seiji A.

I had hip and back surgery. I didn’t think I could exercise again. I was afraid. Mobility Max allows me to build strength, flexibility and balance safely. I am in control.

Elegant Older Woman

Mary S.

I was surprised at how bad my balance was. I really feel good knowing that I have a way to improve. I am more aware of how I move.

I really look forward to my 10-minute routine. I feel immediate benefits with the 20 exercises. Stress, soreness and fatigue just leave my body! I have been doing it for 2 years and can’t live without it!

Beth S.

Old Asian Man

Patrick G.

When I come home from work my body aches and I am beat! But after 10 minutes with my Mobility Max, I feel like I had a message! All my soreness is gone and my energy returns.

Mature Woman

Angela G.

I work a 10-hour shift from home. I didn't realize how much that time was affecting me, physically. With Mobility Max, I'm feeling better than ever and it's a great way to stretch during breaks as well. 

Happy Old Man

Frank F.

I bought all the machines and never used them. Now I am doing healthy exercise every day in just 10 minutes. I sold all that other junk.