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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new question?Who will benefit from Mobility Max?

Mobility Max will help everyone concerned about physical fitness. Middle age and seniors, anyone wanting improved, strength, balance, flexibility and energy. It will help those who want to lose weight, reduce joint and muscle pain, preserve and restore joint function, desire an active independent lifestyle, rehabilitate from accident surgery or sickness, are new to exercise, want to exercise at home, want to remain stromg healty and mobile.

What is Mobility Max?

Mobility Max is a revolutionary new approach to physical fitness, designed by physical therapists and approved by doctors. It's a 10 minute daily exercise routine performed at home. A specific set of 20 therapeutic and functional mobility exercises are practiced daily. It's a complete system designed to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. It consists of the 14 level adjustable Mobility Max exercise bar mounted in any door frame from 28"-36". It promotes overall muscle and joint health along with physical fitness for a lifetime of mobility and independence.

What will it do for me?

Mobility Max will slow, stop and even reverse the effects of aging and wear and tear on our bones, joints and muscles, in just 10 minutes per day. It gets us moving the right ways. It provides therapeutic healing for joints and muscles. It helps eliminate pain due to over use and inactivity. It creates functional strength, flexibility and balance for daily activities and life's challenges. It gives you more energy and a sense of well being. It is a healthy daily conversation with your body. It helps us feel and look our best so we can participate in activities we enjoy. It provides a 10-minute daily routine fro remaining physically fit and active for life, no matter how long you live.

How does it work?

Our body is our gym. The Mobility Max Bar is a simple yet pwerful tool that allows us to experience meaningful movement. Mobility Max is designed to be used daily for 10 minutes. 20 exercises x's 30 seconds = 10 minutes. The 20 exercises represent the foundation of our physical fitness. Daily practice creates a powerful fitness solution. The bar adjusts to the correct height for each exercise. It provides stability, leverage and resistance to practice these important movements. Each exercise challenges strength, flexibility and balance in a 10-minute daily mobility circuit. Joints move through full range of motion, lubricating joint surfaces, preserving cartiladge and stretching muscles. Balance is practiced safely. The cumulative effect of daily 10-minute practice will halt and reverse the effects of inactivity, aging and wear and tear.

Is 10 Minutes enough?

Yes, 10 minutes is enough! You will be amazed at what you experience in just 10 minutes. 20 mobility based exercises, 30 seconds each. Each exercise has a specific purpose and yields specific benefits. It's a powerful recipe for achieving all your fitness goals. Age related decline is systematic. We must be systematic in confronting it. Because Mobility Max is only 10 minutes in your home, you are much more likely to do it. It is the regular daily cumulative effect that creates the powerful benefits. Each exercise provides a unique "movement challenge." Doing your daily 10-minute Mobility Max routine is fun, satisfying and effective. You will enjoy exploring and testing your mobility. The goal of any fitness program is to improve moving, so let's practice moving! The daily 10 minute sessions will improve the quality of your life and insure independence.

What are the product guarantees?

There is a lifetime guarantee regarding the physical product against any defect. The product will be replaced free of charge, including shipping if any defects occur. In addition, there is a 30 day refund policy. We ask that you use the product for 10 minutes per day as instructed. If you are not satisfied with the results, just return it for a refund.

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