Creator and Founder: Dan McFarlane


Physical Therapy Assistant, Creator

Mobility Max was created by Daniel McFarlane, a 68-year-old Physical Therapist Assistant who does "house calls." In the past 10 years, he has performed more than 15,000 in-home physical therapy sessions. This experience inspired him to create a revolutionary new 10 minute home exercise system.

"I specialize in treating senior citizens in their homes. 90% of my patients suffer from weakness and loss of mobility because they did not have an effective way to maintain themselves.

I was determined to not let this happen to myself. After years of research and experimentation, I discovered the essential ingredients for maintaining our strength vitality, mobility, and independence. I am very happy to offer this amazing 10-minute home exercise system to everyone. I want everyone to know that while growing older is inevitable, we don't have to get weak."